SG10 geophone 10Hz Sensor Vertical

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The SG10 Geophone 10Hz Sensor Vertical is mainly used for geological seismic exploration of oil and gas fields, coal fields and geo-minerals in land, lakes and other areas with land depth and water depth of not more than 3 meters. For 2-D & 3-D seismic exploration with bandwidth from 10Hz up to 240Hz.

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Type EG-10HP-II (SG10 Equivalent)
Natural Frequency ( Hz ) 10 ± 2.5%
Coil resistance(Ω) 350±2.5%
Open Circuit Damping 0.68±5%
Sensitivity (v/m/s) 22.8 v/m/s ± 2.5%
Harmonic distortion ( % ) <0.075%
Typical Spurious Frequency (Hz ) ≥240Hz
Typical case to coil motion p-p ( mm ) 1.78 mm
Moving Mass ( g ) 8.4 g
Allowable Tilt ≤15º
Height ( mm ) 30.15
Diameter ( mm ) 27.4
Weight ( g ) 78
Operating Temperature Range ( ℃ ) -40℃ to +100℃
Warranty Period 3 years



The SG10 Geophone 10Hz Sensor, a high precision geophone designed to meet all your precision seismic surveying needs. The geophone has advanced design, strong anti-interference ability, high false frequency and stable performance. Each parameter is strictly controlled within a tolerance range of ±2.5%, ensuring high precision and reliable results. The distortion level is extremely low, ≤0.075%, ensuring clear and precise signal acquisition.

The SG10 geophone is manufactured by EGL a well-known company in the field of seismic instruments, with mature and stable production technology. All parts of the geophone are precision machined to ensure superior quality and durability. This geophone sensor is ideal for a variety of applications, including precision seismic surveys. Its rich and accurate signal acquisition capabilities make it versatile and reliable in any seismic survey project.

At EGL Equipment Services Co., Ltd., we specialize in producing high quality seismic equipment at competitive prices. Our commitment to excellence is reflected in the exceptional performance and durability of the SG10 geophone. We understand the importance of reliable, accurate data collection in seismic exploration, and our geophones are designed to meet these needs. Whether you are conducting oil and gas exploration, geological surveys or environmental monitoring, the SG10 geophone will exceed your expectations. Trust EGL to meet all your seismic equipment needs.

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