Equivalent to GS-20DX geophone 10Hz Sensor Vertical

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The 20DX geophone 10Hz Sensor Vertical is a conventional double-lead spring geophone with small error in operating parameters and stable and reliable performance. The structure is reasonable in design, small in size and light in weight, and is suitable for seismic exploration of strata and geological environments of different depths.

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Type EG-10HP-I (SM-24 equivalent)
Natural Frequency ( Hz ) 10 ± 2.5%
Coil resistance(Ω) 375±2.5%
Open Circuit Damping 0.25
Damping With Shunt Resistor 0.686 + 5.0%, 0%
Open Circuit Intrinsic Voltage Sensitivity( v/m/s ) 28.8 v/m/s ± 2.5%
Sensitivity With Shunt Resistor ( v/m/s ) 20.9 v/m/s ± 2.5%
Damping Calibration-Shunt Resistance (Ω) 1000
Harmonic distortion ( % ) <0.1%
Typical Spurious Frequency (Hz ) ≥240Hz
Moving Mass ( g ) 11.0g
Typical case to coil motion p-p ( mm ) 2.0mm
Allowable Tilt ≤10º
Height ( mm ) 32
Diameter ( mm ) 25.4
Weight ( g ) 74
Operating Temperature Range ( ℃ ) -40℃ to +100℃
Warranty Period 3 years


Introducing the 20DX Geophone 10Hz Vertical Transducer: The Ultimate Solution for Seismic Monitoring and Exploration

The 20DX Geophone 10Hz Sensor Vertical. it is a conventional two-wire spring geophone with unrivaled accuracy and reliability, making it the ideal choice for industry professionals.

The 20DX geophone has small error in working parameters and stable performance, which ensures high-quality and accurate seismic data. The sensor has reasonable design, compact structure and light weight, which is convenient for transportation and installation. Its versatility makes it suitable for seismic exploration of formations at different depths and geological environments.

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