Equivalent to SM-4 geophone 10 Hz Sensor Horizontal

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The SM4 geophone 10 Hz Sensor Horizontal is a seismic receiving sensor, also known as a seismic sensor or geophone. It is a device that is widely used in seismic monitoring and exploration work.

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EG-10-II (SM-4 equivalent)

Natural Frequency ( Hz )


Coil resistance(Ω)


Open Circuit Damping

0.271 ± 5.0%

Damping With Shunt Resistor

0.6 ± 5.0%

Open Circuit Intrinsic Voltage Sensitivity( v/m/s )

28.8 v/m/s ± 5.0%

Sensitivity With Shunt Resistor ( v/m/s )

22.7 v/m/s ± 5.0%

Damping Calibration-Shunt Resistance (Ω)


Harmonic distortion ( % )


Typical Spurious Frequency (Hz )


Moving Mass ( g )


Typical case to coil motion p-p ( mm )


Allowable Tilt


Height ( mm )


Diameter ( mm )


Weight ( g )


Operating Temperature Range ( ℃ )

-40℃ to +100℃

Warranty Period

3 years


The SM4 geophone 10Hz adopts the traditional seismic source receiving principle, and obtains the information of seismic events by measuring the vibration generated when seismic waves propagate in the earth. It senses the amplitude and frequency of seismic waves and converts this information into electrical signals for processing and recording.

SM4 geophone Sensor has high sensitivity and stability, and can work in various geological conditions. It is commonly used in fields such as seismic research, oil and gas exploration, soil engineering, and earthquake disaster monitoring.

Key features of the SM4 geophone 10Hz include:
- Wide frequency response range, capable of sensing seismic waves from tens of hertz to thousands of hertz;
- High signal-to-noise ratio, capable of accurately capturing seismic events;
- Easy to install and operate, it can be used for seismic monitoring by burying it in the ground or placing it on the surface;
- Durable and reliable, adaptable to various environmental conditions.

In conclusion, the SM4 geophone 10Hz is a key seismic monitoring tool capable of providing important information about seismic events, which is of great significance to earthquake research and related fields.

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