EG-4.5-II Geophone 4.5 Hz Sensor Horizontal

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The EG-4.5-II geophone 4.5Hz Horizontal is a conventional moving coil geophone with small working parameter error and stable and reliable performance. It is an excellent equipment for seismic exploration. The EG-4.5-II geophone Horizontal has a low frequency response of 4.5Hz and utilizes high sensitivity geophone elements to accurately detect the motion of the earth.

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Type EG-4.5-II
Natural Frequency ( Hz ) 4.5±10%
Coil resistance(Ω) 375±5%
Damping 0.6±5%
Open circuit intrinsic voltage sensitivity ( v/m/s ) 28.8 v/m/s ±5%
Harmonic distortion ( % ) ≦0.2%
Typical Spurious Frequency (Hz ) ≧140Hz
Moving Mass ( g ) 11.3g
Typical case to coil motion p-p ( mm ) 4mm
Allowable Tilt ≦20º
Height ( mm ) 36mm
Diameter ( mm ) 25.4mm
Weight ( g ) 86g
Operating Temperature Range ( ℃ ) -40℃ to +100℃
Warranty Period 3 years


Introducing the EG-4.5-II Geophone 4.5Hz Horizontal - the perfect device for seismic exploration. This traditional dynamic geophone is manufactured by EGL Equipment Service Co., Ltd., with stable and reliable performance, it is a reliable choice for any geological environment. With its small operating parameter errors and highly sensitive detector elements, it accurately detects motion and ensures you never miss any important data.

EG-4.5-II 4.5 Hz horizontal geophone has reasonable structure, small size, easy to carry and easy to use. Its light weight further increases its utility, allowing it to be used in a variety of depths and environments, making it an excellent tool for exploring the most challenging terrain. Perhaps even more impressive, it's extremely competitively priced and a smart investment for your business.

This geophone 4.5 Hz provides a low frequency response of 4.5Hz. Due to the natural frequency response of the earth's crust in the range of 1 to 10Hz, this product ensures that even small movements on the ground can be detected. This accuracy has proven critical in seismic surveys, ensuring you receive the data you need to make the most informed decisions.

At EGL Equipment Services Co., Ltd., we pride ourselves on providing quality equipment at competitive prices. Our focus is on creating value for our customers, and our Geophone 4.5 Hz sensor is just one example of this goal. We understand that our customers face unique challenges in their various geological environments, and our equipment is designed to help solve them.

Purchase the EG-4.5-II 4.5 Hz Horizontal Geophone to give your business the competitive edge it needs. With its practicality, accuracy and affordability, you won't be disappointed. Contact EGL Equipment Services Co., Ltd. today and find out why we are a preferred manufacturer of quality seismic equipment.

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