Equivalent to SM-6 geophone 4.5Hz Sensor Vertical

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The SM6 Geophone 4.5Hz Vertical is the perfect solution for geophysical exploration, seismic surveys, and borehole seismic applications.  Its superior performance is due to its careful design and engineering.  This geophone is designed to withstand harsh environmental conditions while maintaining its precision.  Thanks to its high-quality materials, it also lasts longer than other geophone models.

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Type EG-4.5-II (SM-6 equivalent)
Natural Frequency ( Hz ) 4.5±10%
Coil resistance(Ω) 375±5%
Damping 0.6±5%
Open circuit intrinsic voltage sensitivity ( v/m/s ) 28.8 v/m/s ±5%
Harmonic distortion ( % ) ≦0.2%
Typical Spurious Frequency (Hz ) ≧140Hz
Moving Mass ( g ) 11.3g
Typical case to coil motion p-p ( mm ) 4mm
Allowable Tilt ≦20º
Height ( mm ) 36mm
Diameter ( mm ) 25.4mm
Weight ( g ) 86g
Operating Temperature Range ( ℃ ) -40℃ to +100℃
Warranty Period 3 years



The SM6 geophone 4.5Hz Sensor Vertical is a conventional moving coil geophone with small working parameter error and stable and reliable performance. It is an excellent equipment for seismic exploration. The SM6 geophone has a low frequency response of 4.5Hz and utilizes high sensitivity geophone elements to accurately detect the motion of the earth.

The geophone is compact in design, small in size and light in weight, making it easy to transport and install. The SM6 geophone 4.5Hz adopts a strong and durable structure, which can withstand harsh weather conditions, and is suitable for seismic exploration of formations and geological environments at different depths.

The SM6 geophone 4.5Hz has a reasonable design structure, which reduces the risk of damage caused by accidental falling or collision. The geophone is equipped with high-quality components that contribute to its smooth operation and excellent accuracy. In addition, its small size makes it easy to use and install, and its light weight makes it easy to transport to remote areas for geological exploration and analysis.

In terms of application, the SM6 geophone 4.5Hz is an excellent device for professionals engaged in seismic exploration and geological environment analysis. Whether used in oil or mineral exploration, or to assess environmental damage from earthquakes or other natural hazards, SM6 geophones 4.5Hz are designed to provide accurate and reliable data to aid in informed decision-making. Overall, the SM6 geophone 4.5Hz is an excellent choice for anyone looking for a high-performance detector with stable and reliable performance.

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