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Enhance Seismic Surveys with our High-performance 4.5 Hz Horizontal Geophone

Introducing the Horizontal Geophone 4.5 Hz, designed and manufactured by EGL Equipment Services Co., Ltd., a leading supplier and factory based in China. The Horizontal Geophone 4.5 Hz is a state-of-the-art seismic sensing device, offering highly accurate measurements and unparalleled reliability. Designed with precision engineering, it is specifically tailored to meet the requirements of geophysical exploration and seismic monitoring projects. Equipped with advanced technology, this geophone provides exceptional sensitivity, capturing even the slightest ground vibrations with utmost precision. Its horizontal design ensures optimal signal detection, offering valuable insights into subsurface structures, fault lines, and reservoir properties. With a frequency response of 4.5 Hz, this geophone is ideal for applications where low-frequency vibrations need to be measured accurately. Rugged and durable, it can withstand harsh environmental conditions, ensuring long-lasting and dependable performance in the field. EGL Equipment Services Co., Ltd. takes pride in being a trusted manufacturer and supplier of high-quality seismic equipment. Our Horizontal Geophone 4.5 Hz exemplifies our commitment to delivering innovative solutions to the geophysical industry worldwide. Contact us today to learn more about our products and services.

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